Income/Financial Freedom Report – April 2017

Big changes this month:

I’ve moved $10k more into my trading account.  Since my trades have been going swimmingly, I’ve decided to double down on credit spreads.  I’m trading a very, very simple strategy which I’ll have to tell you about in a later blog post.  What’s amazing is the capital invested in this is: a) less than my 4 unit, b) so far has produced higher returns and c) is liquid.

The other big thing to notice: my expenses went way up.  The main cause: I had to pay estimated taxes: over $2k!  I didn’t get all of my documents to my accountant to time, so he filed an extension on my behalf.  I corresponded with him and it turns out he didn’t add depreciation, etc, when he calculated my estimated taxes…so, we’ll see if I get some of that money refunded.

With that said, I’m looking (today!) into making some radical cuts in my day to day budget.  I’m trying to create a business and bootstrapping it, so every dollar saved is another day of runway for getting my business off the ground.

(N.B: So – it turns out I haven’t been adding property management in the last couple months to my 4 unit rental property.  This means in the last few months I’ve only been at 33% and 29%, respectively).


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