Roughly the same as last month.  I’m still quite happy with this.  Of course, I’m ultimately aiming at getting to 100%.

My job has now wound down, so mostly I’m looking at ways to make an active income, but not as an employee.  Rather, I’m starting my own business (doing FBA – more to come later) and doing a bootstrapped startup.

I’ll blog more about those things later.  For now:

Vertical Credit Spreads

This is based on Net Liquidation Value.  I’m now about 70% invested, and as I write this, I’m actually transferring another 10k into my trading account.  I know the tide will change eventually; the nice thing about credit spreads is that you can invest in whichever way the market goes.  I’ll blog about how I’m doing this eventually, but for now, it seems to be working, so why not double down?

As far as I see it, If I doubled down on my credit spreads, I could potentially up my passive income total to $2600, which would put me at closer to 50%.

Udemy + Skillshare

Skillshare actually, to my surprise, came through with a few dollars.

OTOH, I also decided to let Udemy go (just let it do it’s thing without investing any time / resources / money) into promoting the course.

I slipped to the second page of search results and only made one sale.  I was also playing with price – raising it to $45 from $20 where it was previously.  All of my sales happen when Udemy is running it’s discounts and they are discounting everything to $10 or $20, so I figured – what the heck?

136 N 10th

The apartment complex is still the biggest winner by far.  Also the largest investment. Luckily everyone seems to be paying (more or less) on time.  Also, got hit with roughly $400 in fees that need to get paid to the city for running a business.  I knew they were coming, but didn’t know that I’d be paying fees when I purchased the house.


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