7 Levels of Investors

Having guideposts or a framework can often be useful for figuring out where you are going and where you are. I referred to the 7 Levels of Investors that John Burley originally put out that Kiyosaki made famous.

Here’s a link to that free e-book which I’ve found useful as a guide:

The table of contents should give you a pretty good idea:

Chapter 1- The Non-Existent Investor (Level 0)
Chapter 2 – The Borrower (Level 1)
Chapter 3 – The Saver (Level 2)
Chapter 4 – The Passive Investor (Level 3)
The “Gone into a Shell” Passive Investor
The “It Can’t Be Done” Passive Investor
The “Victim” Passive Investor
Chapter 5 – The Automatic Investor (Level 4)
Compound Interest – 8th Natural Wonder of the World
Chapter 6 – The Active Investor (Level 5)
Chapter 7 – The Capitalist Investor (Level 6)

For a slightly different, but more entertaining look, see Dan Lok’s presentation –

which is part of a larger series:

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