The Reason for this blog

It occurred to me the other day that the title of this blog and the very first post seemed a bit “privileged.”

It might come across that I’m asking “how do you milk other people of their money?” or how are some people “lucky enough to inherit this money?”

I think the former is dishonest, and the later is lucky (albeit undeserved), but I’m not in that situation, so I’m not concerned with asking that question.

The real question of this blog: How do you go from middle class to upper class?  How do you make your own fortune, instead of relying upon luck or good fortune?

I don’t expect to be a mental couch potato and hope it all works out.  I know, ultimately, that my mind will create my reality and I’m in control of what happens in my future, good or bad.  The question is: how do I get to a good outcome?

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